Closet Swap with Bib + Tuck


Today, I joined a live Google talk to hear from thinkers, journalists and start-ups in the ethical fashion industry. It was hosted by the great women who founded Bib + Tuck – an online fashion community for fashion insiders and stylish citizens to exchange wardrobes. Sari A and Sari B met in pre-school and after more than twenty years of friendship, they were living in Manhattan in the same building and had swapped and switched their entire closets. They realized that they weren’t the only women who wanted to closet swap. They went on to develop Bib + Tuck. When I heard about their company today, I knew I had to share it with the Feelgood Style readers in the US (unavailable in Canada). Sign up to start swapping and shopping in time for the holidays. Here’s how it works in four simple steps. Registering is easy and you receive five virtual Bib + Tuck bucks you can ‘spend’.

  1. Curate items from your own closet and style the garments in pictures you can upload to Bib + Tuck. Assign them a virtual value in Bib + Tuck bucks.
  2. When another member purchases your item, you receive bucks from them for payment.
  3. When your item(s) is purchased you’ll receive an email with a prepaid shipping label to mail it out.
  4. You can use your B + T bucks to shop and swap featured closets, trends and get as good you give.

Bib + Tuck is part of the growing trend to swap rather than dash and trash our personal style. Whether you call it sharing, swapping, or collaborative consumption, exchanging garments and other goods keeps items out of landfill, and provides you with new-to-you style. Have fun swapping!


Written by Angela Wallace of Sasstainable

Angela Wallace is the founder and editor of, an expert voice on ethical luxury and sustainable lifestyle. In 2009, she was granted Ryerson University’s Top 30 Under 30 Alumni award, because of her work as a motivational speaker, when she inspired over 30,000 students across North America. In 2013, she completed her MSc in Environmental Management at the University of London, at the Centre for Development, Environment and Policy. Her passion for the environment grew out of her family’s rural property in Raglan, Ontario, now a designated Natural Heritage System area in the Ontario Greenbelt. She is a published writer, contributing articles to Women's Post, Toronto’s leading business magazine for women. She enjoys urban gardening, writing, fashion and yoga and currently lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband, Owen.

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