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Celebrate Halloween in Style

Happy Halloween! As you celebrate the holiday with your best eco-friendly costumes, don’t forget to enter the Green Halloween Costume Contest — Deadline: Midnight Tonight!

Though you may not be able to celebrate like Heidi Klum and Seal (above as Eve and the apple), who threw their yearly bash earlier this month, you can still party hard with some last minute D.I.Y environmental Halloween costumes.

The key to any last minute outfits (and to environmentalism) is recycle and reuse! (And, um reduce). Try to make an outfit from things you have lying around the house. And if all else fails, you can always just tape garbage to your clothes and call yourself “The Future”.

And, if you have a kids’ costume that’s outgrown or an elaborate outfit for yourself that you won’t be able to pull-off again, don’t forget to recycle old Halloween costumes!

On your way out the door to wherever you might be headed this evening, remember to reuse decorations and Halloween goodies. Not to mention walk and bike instead of drive to your trick-or-treating or bash. It won’t just save the planet, it might save you a ticket from the cops!

Before you head out, for some inspiration: a gallery of celebrity Halloween cosumtes — including Paris Hilton and 90210’s Jason Priestly.

Written by Kelly Dunleavy

Kelly lives in San Rafael, CA (which is across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco). She competes competitively in triathlon and spends nearly all her time on her bike, in the pool or out running some of the best trails in the country.

After graduating from UC Berkeley, she worked at a start-up fashion magazine for a year and learned more about fashion and photo shoots than she ever wanted to know. She's starting a new job as a reporter for the local MarinScopes newspapers and harbors dreams of becoming the female Edward Murrow. You can read more about her at her website and blog:

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