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When To Worry: A Mole, Skin Cancer or Something Else?

Even if you wear a floppy hat all summer, avoid tanning beds, and protect yourself from the sun religiously, tell-tale brown spots can appear on anyone.  When should you worry if that new pigment change is a warning of something more and see a dermatologist? Although I’m a freckly person by nature, my skin is […]

February 21st

Product Review: Annmarie Gianni Skin Care

When you own a beauty store, trying out new brands is perhaps the best part of the job. Well, for the first year or two, anyway. It’s like Christmas morning every week! And then, by the time you’re opening a box from, say, New Brand #97, the novelty is wearing off, and it’s getting really […]

October 17th

Celebrate Fall with Delicious Apple and Honey Skin Care Recipes

I have the unusual good fortune of living 2 blocks from a lovely little apple orchard, nestled right in the middle of our sleepy Minneapolis suburb. Starting in early October, they sell several varieties of the most delicious apples I’ve ever eaten, as well as the out-of-this-world raw, unfiltered honey they collect from their two […]

October 7th

How Aspirin Can Help Your Skin

Pure aspirin tablets contain salicylic acid which is useful for treating inflamed skin and clogged pores. You can easily create your own aspirin facial scrub to treat blemishes with just one aspirin tablet.

June 15th

The Skinny on Coconut Oil

Unlike most oils, coconut oil is actually good for you. You can ingest it as well as using it on your body and your hair! When ingested, it helps aid in digestion, balance out our blood sugar levels, reduce cholesterol, as well as tons of other fun stuff. I converted to cooking with  only coconut oil […]

May 23rd

Savvy Green Consumer: Green Diva Favs Spring 2013

We get offered products to review EVERY day — some rather large and expensive things like cars, which are fun reviews, but most are practical, every-day things. We have gotten backed up with a nice bounty of great things we chose to review and play with, and finally spent some time focusing on most of them.

May 1st

Natural Healing with Essential Oils (and a giveaway!)

Our friends at Green Living Ideas are hosting a giveaway for an Essential Oil Starter Kit from Plant Therapy. The giveaway features a set of six essential oils or blends, a carrier oil of your choice, and a how-to book to help you on your essential oil journey. If you have never used essential oils […]

April 27th