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Green Destination: Honduran Farm Recycled into Tranquil Eco-Inn

When Flavia Cueva returned to her family home outside petite Copan, Honduras, she was inspired. After having spent most of her life in the American Midwest, Cueva felt compelled to return to restore the decayed farmstead. Overlooking the ruins of an ancient Mayan city, the ideally situated farm seemed the perfect spot to create a […]

January 11th

Scandle: An Eco-Friendly Candle That Melts into Massage Oil

Valentine’s Day is sneaking up right around the corner so many are on the lookout for eco-fabulous gifts and romantic ideas. Well here’s a romantically green item that is sensually wonderful and eco-luscious…the Scandle Body Candle. If you are like me you are probably wondering what the heck a body candle is. Before coming across this wonderful […]

January 7th

Baggu: The Gift (Wrap) That Keeps On Giving

I admit: I may have taken the concept of reusable bags a bit too far. After all, the idea behind them is conservation, right? But I seem to have turned it into a hobby, collecting every cool reusable bag I can find, which I think that may be a bit counter-purpose. But today I discovered […]

December 8th

Feel Good Christmas and Hanukkah Gifts

This season on Feel Good Style, we’ve spent some time looking for the perfect holiday gifts. Here, I’ve selected several options from the archives to consider when shopping this month: Sweet and Sustainable Stockings make Hot Holiday Gifts. Pin Up Balms: Retro Glam for Your Lips, Fun Stocking Stuffers for Friends Buy these Green Holiday […]

December 7th

Sexy and Sustainable Stockings make Hot Holiday Gifts

It’s time once again for a festive lingerie party so check out these new stockings from g=9.8 offered for the holidays from By Nature. They combine softness, elegance and warmth. The tights are made from pine fiber, which is a new material derived from recycling the wastes of tree pruning. They’ve added new colors this […]

November 25th

Buy these Green Holiday Gifts that Your Friends and Family will Love

Shown above from Gift of Green, (going clockwise) ~ Daisy Flower Card and “Gift of Green“- Cilantro Leaf Card: For each “Gift of Green® purchased, one native tree is planted in an ecosystem restoration project in the United States“. An average tree will absorb over 650 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) in its lifetime… In […]

November 10th