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Book Review: The Fire Starter Sessions

The Fire Starter Sessions

Read any good books lately?  Over the summer it is fun to read fiction.  By the pool, on your patio, on vacation – fiction just seems to work for summer. While I did read some fiction this summer I also snuck in a self-help-meets-business-motivation book. Have you read The Fire Starter Sessions by Danielle LaPorte?  If not, you really must.

Danielle is the lively creator of super-hit site White Hot Truth.  She has this unique way of laying things right on the line with the finesse and sensitivity of your best friend.  It is truly a gift.  She also happens to be super inspiring which is why I am sharing this book with you.  Guess you could say this post falls under the “True Beauty” section, as this book really is about helping you find out who you are and what you should probably be up to in your life.

The reason I bought the book…I was hoping for some great business advice but ended up getting a whole lot more.  Because the content of the book is pretty darn real and serious life stuff it may not seem like much fun to read.  Let me just say that each time I picked it up I had trouble putting it down.

The Fire Starter Sessions is more than good at getting your creative juices flowing. The Fire Stater Sessions is a book/workbook in one and would be as beneficial to someone looking to find their direction in life as it is to the person who knows where they are going but needs a little fresh material.  Everyone should read this book.

Have you read The Fire Starter Session or any of Danielle’s other works?

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Written by Liz Thompson

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