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Billboard to Backpack – ENTER TO WIN!!!

WIN A FREE HIP & STYLISH BACKPACK BELOW!!! (Keep reading for details)

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Ever wonder what happens to all that material on a billboard every time the advertisement changes?

Well, Terracycle…the upcycling pioneer…did too. And, you know what they found?

3 million billboards end up in a landfill every year…that’s 10,000 tons of vinyl!!! Of course, when Terracycle decides to sink their teeth into something, it doesn’t merely stop at finding answers; it becomes obsessed with finding solutions. And a solution it did find!  Say hello to the first billboard backpack. An ingenious example of garbage gone gadget.

The best part? Terracycle is GIVING AWAY one FREE billboard YakPak backpack to a lucky Feelgood Style winner!


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To enter the giveaway:

1. Visit and pick out your favorite product
2. Post a comment on this Feelgood Style article about your favorite product and why.
    —  Don’t forget to provide a correct email address  —
3. The best answer wins and will be announced on the blog…and the winner will receive a direct email on how to collect their prize.
This durable backpack, made by YakPak and Terracycle is built to last, making it a great gift idea for the holiday season. Each backpack is constructed using a different cut of billboard, which means that whether you’re enjoying the bag for yourself or giving it away as a gift, it will be totally one-of-a-kind.

The bag is very affordable, at only $35, and is manufactured at a hydroelectric powered facility in El Salvador, where workers are paid fair living wages and provided safe working conditions. In addition to the backback, the billboard line of products also includes shoulder bags, messenger bags, laptop cases and totes; ranging from $4.99 and up. “The distribution and brand awareness of Yak Pak and TerraCycle will enable our two companies to substantially reduce the amount of billboard vinyl going to landfill” said Tom Szaky, TerraCycle’s CEO and Founder.

Terracycle is a forward-thinking organization that takes post-consumer goods and “upcycles” or gives them new life by developing practical products from their materials. As a result of their work, the entire population benefits from smaller landfills and more useful, affordable goods.

About the Author
Katherine DalPra is owner/designer for Green Diva, a fair made boutique offering eco-conscious bridal jewelry and fasion jewelry.


Written by Katherine DalPra

Kathy is an eco-enthusiast and the owner/designer for Green Diva Jewelry, an eco jewelry boutique featuring recycled, reclaimed, renewable and fair trade materials.


  1. My favorite products from TerraCycle are the recycled pots made of e-waste. Will constant improvements in technology, I frequently worry about all the discarded computers, keyboards, tvs, etc. It’s wonderful to see something being made out of things like that. It is even more wonderful to be able to grow new life in something that was trash!

  2. I love the Recycled Paper Trash Can. I could use it for my office to put my paper in for recycling. Paper inside of paper – how clever!

  3. There are so many products these days from TerraCycle, that it’s hard to pick! But I will have to pick WORM POOP! Only because it’s a product made from POOP, with the word POOP right on the packaging! The ultimate in Recycled Waste! (Literally!)

  4. I love the ‘Lawn Fertilizer’. I’ve always/still do make tea from my compost pile for fertilizer. But my compost pile is small & unfortunately I never have enough tea to fertilize my entire yard all at once. Terracycle’s worm poop helps solve that problem. And the lawn looks great. I use the plant food & worm poop tree spikes as well. Thanks Terracycle!!

  5. I love the pencil case from the juice packs. Since we collect and upcycle that item, my students love to see what their trash has become. They get to use it every time we work with colored pencils as that is where my special ones are stored!

  6. My favorite product is the Urban Art Trash Can made from e-waste. What a great way to reuse old computers, tv’s and fax machines.

  7. I love all of Terracycles’ products because they are keeping more from going into already overflowing landfills,but my absolutely favorite item is the speaker made with recycled chip bags and candy wrappers…So COOL!portable,foldable…I bet they sound OK ,too!

  8. I LOVE the re-usable Target Tote or any grocery tote. Besides the obvious reason that using totes at the store, instead of plastic or paper bags, they hold more & can be stylish! 2 of my reusable bags probably save that store 4-6 of their bags from being used, saving them money & hopefully saving me money. If they can save money, they could refrain from raising their prices to stay profitable. Plus NO MORE RIPPED HANDLES as I walk in the house or out of the store w/ my groceries!!!!

  9. I’m partial to the Capri Sun pencil pouches or lunch bags. My school participates in this Brigage; we’ve already submitted over 1,500 pouches as a school community!

  10. I LOVE Terracycle. We have started a recycling program at our school, and the students get to pick out Capri Sun pouches, backpacks, and lunch bags as prizes. We also offer the Oreo kite. The students freak out about winning a cool prize and it keeps them motivated to bring in more!! I just sent off 800 chip bags and 200 energy bar wrappers to be made in to cool items! LOVE IT! Thank you Terracycle for outsmarting trash.

  11. I don’t think I can really pick just one item as my favorite, but rather a collection… I’m particularly partial to the drink pouch products. I have a vested interest in them since I’m the sole collector of the used pouches at my daughter’s school. Every week I bring them home, rip ’em, rinse ’em and ship ’em off to Terracycle. However, if someone put a gun to my head and MADE me pick a favorite, I’d have to say that although it’s close between the backpacks (LOVE the new colors!!) and the shopping bags, I’d have to go with the shopping bags, simply because they’re SO incredibly useful! I take them with me everytime I go to the grocery store and I always get lots of comments and kudos. Plus, I get to talk about TerraCycle and all of the great work they’re doing so I’m kind of like a one-woman PR firm for TerraCycle… I’ll tell anyone who’ll listen! Keep up the great work!!

  12. Be a walking billboard!
    What a fantastic way to send a new message…No better way that to say it than with these great backpacks!

  13. Oh my goodness you want me to pick one? I happened upon your products while scouring the clearance racks @ Target. It was the all purpose cleaner. I must say I was impressed. It worked great. As a matter of fact I was searching under my kitchen sink to try & find it today because it disappeared. Someone’s got some esplainin to do. lol Anyway, while @ radio Shack this evening I discovered speakers made from M&M wrappers! I wish I had bought them, but I was hoping to find a different pattern! I was so excited I came right home & told Holly Green about it via her Facebook account. She is an Ambassador of sustainability & sales. Check out her page. I even won a $25 gift card from her to purchase green products. BTW I love the LED light bulbs I got! 🙂 Ok so I’ll end my novel & pick the speakers as my favorite but all the products are awesome! Love the 35 mm handbags as well. Thank you for such a great contest!

  14. This is a very nice back to carrry in the mountainous country like Papua New Guinea. I see that it is a very strong backpack and it will even last long for about 5 yers. It is very quality back.

    I love the Company and the material that was used to produced this bag.

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