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Bike Chic: An Invisible Bike Helmet

invisible bike helmet

Biking in summer can be sweaty business, and I always feel like there’s sweat just collecting underneath my helmet all summer long. Not to mention that your bike helmet can totally mess with your hairdo. That’s fine if you’re biking for recreation or exercise, but if you’re cycling to work or a social engagement, it can be kind of a bummer.

Enter: the invisible bike helmet.

invisible bike helmet

Think of this as an airbag for your head. The Hövding began as Anna Haupt’s and Terese Alstin’s thesis, but now it’s being produced for sale. Especially cool: if you do crash up and your helmet opens, you can send it back to the company, where they’ll properly recycle the components. Check out this video showing how they created the invisible helmet:

The only downside I see to this helmet is the price tag. At 3998 sec – or around $600 – a pop, that prices a lot of folks out of this innovative bike helmet. Hopefully, as they produce more of these, they’ll be able to bring the price down a bit.

via Crisp Green

Written by Becky Striepe

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