What are the best supplements? And which ones don’t work?

What are the best supplements? And which ones don't work?

If you take dietary supplements, you know that those little pills are pretty pricey. This helpful graphic shows which are the best supplements and which ones may not be worth the money we’re spending on them.

Supplements are a multi-million dollar industry. In 2012 alone, we spent around $32 million on on vitamins and herbal supplements that the makers claim support our health. From healthy skin to immune-boosting properties, supplement makers all want us to think that they have the best supplements for you. But they can’t all be the best.

Before we get to the graphic, I want to clarify that I’m not knocking dietary supplements at all. I take a B12 supplement, because I’m vegan, and when I feel a cold coming on, I reach for the zinc right away. When I was pregnant, I took all kinds of supplements to support my growing baby’s health. I’m a big believer that the best supplements are ones backed by science, and there is some good research out there on supplements.

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I originally shared this graphic from from data journalist David McCandless on our sister site Vibrant Wellness Journal, and it felt like a great fit in this space too. It looks at a myriad of vitamins and herbal supplements and lays out the best supplements and the ones that don’t have as much science behind them yet.

Not all of the supplements available are on this graphic, of course, but it does rank a lot of pretty popular ones. Do you see your supplements on this graphic? Do they fall above or below what McCandless calls the “Worth It Line?”

The graphic below is a little bit tricky to read, especially if you’re looking for a single supplement. Click the image to view a full-sized version.

What are the best supplements? And which ones don't work?

taking a pill photo via Shutterstock, infographic via Information is Beautiful

Written by Becky Striepe

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