The Best Online Second Hand Stores Around the World

Woman Shopping Second Hand Clothing Online

Looking forward to adding some new pieces to your spring wardrobe? Not looking so forward to the money spent?

Second hand stores offer a budget friendly way to broaden your wardrobe without breaking the bank. This type of shopping is also more enviro-friendly because you are reusing what is already out there, rather than purchasing all brand new.

If you are new to second hand shopping you may be wondering where to begin. Online is a great place to go for used clothing, but where is best? Let’s check with some of our favorite bloggers around the world and find out.


She Finds offers up a wealth of info on shopping consignment online. From no-name to designer, they fill you in on where to go for your next like-new pieces.

We talked about Swapdom here on FGS recently. This shop takes your gently worn items and lets you “swap” them out for someone else’s.

Have some sewing talent of your own? Our own Becky gives you the deets on shopping consignment for goods to creating your own one of a kind clothing.


Quicksales brings second hand shopping to your fingertips with their online classifieds. Search Women, Men, Children, even Vintage. Check out their handbags!

Ready to do some serious shopping? The Vine features online second hand shops that carry ultra high end finds.


For shopping second hand in the UK, Telegraph breaks down their top 5.

Also check out High Fashion Society and Dresser Online.


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