5 Beauty Uses for Sugar

5 Beauty Uses for Sugar

Sugar may not be so healthy for your insides, but in these DIY beauty recipes, it’s the star! Check out some simple beauty uses for sugar.

Just like salt, sugar’s main superpower when it comes to DIY beauty is its gainy texture. Table sugar and coarse sugar both have their places in our beauty routines. In general, the finer the grain, the gentler the scrub.

Scrubbing’s not the only beauty use for sugar, though. Sugar also melts into a sticky syrup, which makes it surprisingly handy for hair removal.

Raid your pantries, ladies and gents! Let’s look at some of the easiest beauty uses for sugar.

5 Beauty Uses for Sugar

5 Beauty Uses for Sugar

1. All Purpose Sugar Scrub

Brown sugar is the base for this luxurious, gently scrub. You can use it anywhere that you need to exfoliate and moisturize.

5 Beauty Uses for Sugar

2. Mint Sugar Lip Scrub

Keep your lips feeling kissably soft with this yummy, all-natural scrub. This is a great way to nourish chapped lips, now that that harsh winter weather is on its way out, too!

5 Beauty Uses for Sugar

3. All Natural Tomato Scrub

This two-ingredient face scrub is great for oily skin. The scrubby sugar plus the natural acids in the tomato give dull, oily skin the boot!

5 Beauty Uses for Sugar

4. Sugar Wax

Sugar is actually a good alternative to petroleum-based wax hair removers. Check out how to make your own sugar wax at home.

5 Beauty Uses for Sugar

5. Warming Face Scrub

Treat yourself to this relaxing face scrub, featuring warming spices to give your skin a healthy glow.

Have you created any of your own DIY beauty recipes using sugar? I’d love to hear your favorite sugar beauty recipes in the comments!

Image Credits: brown sugar scrub by Becky Striepe, lip scrub via Shutterstock, tomato image via Shutterstock , sugar wax photo via digipam, face scrub via Vibrant Wellness Journal

Written by Becky Striepe

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