5 Beauty Uses for Salt

5 Beauty Uses for Salt

Salt might seem like a strange addition to your beauty routine, but it actually has quite a few beneficial properties. Check out these beauty uses for salt!

There are a couple of different sorts of salt at play in the recipes below, and neither of them use traditional table salt. The salt you choose depends on your needs. Epsom salts are good at soothing muscle pain and exfoliating. Sea salt has a nice coarse grain for heavy duty scrubbing.

5 Beauty Uses for Salt

1. Epsom Salt Facial

Do you use a cream facial cleaner? Try adding 1/2 teaspoon of epsom salts for an exfoliating boost. Massage gently into your skin, then rinse with warm water.

2. Epsom Salt Soak

Melt tension and soreness away with a simple epsom salt bath. Add a cup of epsom salts and 15-20 drops of soothing essential oils to the tub for instant relaxation.

3. Pit Scrub

Give your natural deodorant a boost! This salt scrub helps exfoliate and moisturize those pits, so your natural deodorant doesn’t have to work quite as hard to keep you smelling fresh all day.

4. Homemade Bath Salts

Want to get fancier than just dumping epsom salts in the tub? Try making your own bath salts, so you can have a lovely-smelling bath in a flash. This tutorial comes with a printable label, so you can give this as a gift, too!

5. Salt Scrub for Feet

Get those tootsies sandal-ready with a simple homemade salt scrub. Just combine 1/4 cup sea salt with 1 tablespoon sweet almond or olive oil, and scrub away!

Image Credit: Sea Salt photo via Shutterstock; Salt Spa photo by aztlek

Written by Becky Striepe

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