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5 Beauty Uses for Olive Oil

5 Beauty Uses for Olive Oil

You know that olive oil is good for your insides, but it’s also got many outer beauty applications! Check out these beauty uses for olive oil.

Olive oil is a great moisturizer, but that’s only the start of olive oil’s beauty uses! Check out how you can use olive oil for glowing skin, healthy hair, and even to keep your makeup brushes in tip top shape. Maybe it’s time to get a little bottle of olive oil just for your medicine cabinet!

5 Beauty Uses for Olive Oil

1. Wash your face. Washing your face with oil might sound insane, but it works!

2. Clean your makeup brushes. Olive oil, castille soap, and vinegar are all you need to keep your makeup brushes free of gunk and bacteria.

3. Make a hand scrub. Olive oil is a great moisturizer, which makes it the perfect addition to this home made exfoliant.

4. Fight dandruff. An olive oil and lemon scrub helps nourish your scalp to prevent itchiness and dandruff.

5. Whiten teeth. Proponents of oil pulling say that this method yields whiter teeth, and olive oil is one of the varieties commonly recommended for this Ayurvedic practice.

Is olive oil part of your beauty regimen? Tell us your favorite beauty uses for olive oil in the comments!

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