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‘Babies’ Documentary Teaches Us How We Can Be Less Materialistic And More Happy

A documentary with no narration, subtitles or dialogue follows four babies with very different backgrounds around the world and teaches that we can be happy with fewer material things.

Not only is Babies eye opening for parents to see the similarities in parenting styles around the world, we also notice the difference between how many materialistic things one baby possess over another. Here’s the trailer:

The documentary shows that babies with fewer “things” are generally happier: they have more freedom and are closer to nature. This also teaches us as adults to rethink what we really need versus what we really want. Most things we want we buy without realizing that they’re a waste of the Earth’s precious materials and could even be blocking our true happiness. We could learn a lot from these babies!

Image Credit: Creative Commons photo via Randy Zhang

Written by Joanna

I am a professional writer that dotes on family values and environmental issues.

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