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    Green Celebrity, Film, and TV News

    Where else would you find Jessica Alba’s baby, Angelina Jolie’s movie, Emeril Lagasse’s TV show, and Ed Begley Jr.’s book in one blog post?! Read on after the jump for more on the latest “HollyGreen, CA” news: “Hellboy II” Gets a TerraPass The 2008 Los Angeles Film Festival announced that it is implementing numerous changes […] More

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    Outdoor Style Using Recycled Materials

    Easy Projects for Giving Your Outdoor Area a Fresh Look Give some character to your outdoor area this summer, in an affordable and eco-friendly way. Here are some tips: * An old, scratched up bundt pan makes a fun planter that fits around the center of your picnic table umbrella. With a hammer and nail, […] More

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    California Bikes to Work Today…

    …and Calls In Sore Tomorrow Helmet? Check. Water bottle? Got it. Metro bus pass when we poop out halfway to work? You bet your aching glutes. Today’s the day many Californians bike the walk and not just talk the talk. It’s Bike to Work Week 2008, and boy, do we need it. In its thirteenth […] More

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    Affirmations in Reverse, Sort of…

    Bamboo-Fabric Tees That Make Everybody Happy When Kathryn Haydn-Hays read a story six years ago about forced child labor in foreign sweatshops, she realized that she didn’t know where her clothes really came from. “I really understood, for the first time, that nearly everything we purchase has a direct effect on people around the world, […] More

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    Making Green Living Easier Than Ever

    There’s a great new book on the shelves by award-winning author Renée Loux: Easy Green Living. Loux, who penned Living Cuisine and the Gourmand Award-winning The Balanced Plate, is a celebrated raw foods chef and host of the TV show “Easy Being Green.” In her new book, Loux applies her whole-foods philosophy to our homes, […] More

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    Non-Toxic, Do-It-Yourself Cleaning Made Simple

    The “green” cleaning products on the market are great, but they can be pricey. You know you should mix all your own house cleaning solutions, but it can be a hassle, and who knows if you’re using the right ingredients in the proper amounts? Finally, we found an easy way to make all the healthy […] More

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    Lauren Bush, Rebel Niece, Has a Brand New Bag

    While her uncle’s Presidential record on the environment has been a scandalous disaster, fashion model Lauren Bush has created a 100% organic cotton and sustainable burlap bag — and an accompanying humanitarian initiative — exclusively for Whole Foods, launching today. For $29.99, you can purchase Lauren’s “Feed 100” bag: a lightweight, white, cotton tote that […] More

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    Dell’s Green Design Idea Contest

    Scary news: Electronic waste is growing at three times the rate of other household waste, and at a higher toxicity. With the rapid and widespread use of computers and electronic technology in the past thirty years, the impact of all the heavy metals (arsenic, mercury, cadmium, copper, lead, etc.), batteries, plastics, LCD and other screens, […] More

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    Something Green is Underfoot….

    This Spring, update your patio, porch, or deck in one easy step. Mad Mats are fantastically chic outdoor/indoor woven rugs made from 100% recycled plastic (disposable bottles, packing wrap, etc.). Created in Thailand under Fair Trade conditions, Mad Mats will not work with factories that employ children or produce environmentally harmful waste. The mats are […] More

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    Greening Your Wedding (without Breaking the Bank!)

    Since my wedding is coming up in two weeks, I’ve been doing some exploring into all the trendy “green wedding” options. It’s amazing how awareness has grown in the past few years! Unfortunately, having a completely green wedding can often double the already expensive costs. But if every couple made even two or three decisions […] More

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    Kick Mosquitoes Down a Notch This Summer

    For those of us who hate the thought of slathering on dangerous chemicals like DEET just to enjoy a summer picnic without mosquito bites, there is good news! Bug Bam has created these fantastic wristbands that resemble “cause” bracelets and are amazingly effective in repelling mosquitoes. All-natural (made with plant oils), DEET-free, and 100% recyclable, […] More