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Arcona Skincare


Arcona is a genius natural skin healing line created by a chemist and pioneer in holistic skin care “long before it became trendy, she developed skin care products and treatments that would provide Hollywood celebrities—and women and men everywhere—with an alternative to cosmetic surgery and other harsh treatments to forestall the effects of aging.”

Their products may be found online and at select spas offering facials. None contain petrochemicals, binders or fillers, chemical stabilizers, parabens, sodium lauryl sulphates, perfumes, dyes, or any caustic, toxic ingredients.All Arcona ingredients are enzymatic-based which means they include high concentrations of antioxidants, plant lipids and extracts, sea vegetables, essential oils, vitamins and minerals. Think of live food for your skin in a sense. Since everything we put on our skin is absorbed by our bodies, the richer the nutrients the healthier our skin becomes.

ARCONA has a philosophy of beauty springing from within and truly believe everyone’s skin can and should look beautiful at any age whatever their history.

Our ingredients are processed and products manufactured according to state-of-the-art, chirally correct technology. They only the finest quality, all natural ingredients in products that penetrate deep into the cellular layers of the skin to effect real change, resulting in glowing, healthy skin at any age…”

The active ingredients are formulated to work synergistically, so for maximum efficiency, the enzymes, antioxidants and amino acids are cold-processed at very low temperatures, in small batches, to keep them active and effective. This method preserves the integrity of the ingredients! Because heat processing leaves nutrients lifeless and ineffective, Arcona believes in only the best cold processed blends. As they say: “Think of what happens to fresh vegetables when they are overcooked!”

One of my favorite refreshing cleansers is Arcona’s White Tea Purifying blend~

“Antioxidant facial cleanser purifies as it tones leaving skin pore less and refreshed. Neutralize free radicals, calm and protect skin with antioxidant rich white and green teas. Nourish, clarify, and strengthen skin with cranberry enzymes. Helps maintain skins natural ph balance with soothing yucca, vitamin E, and aloe extracts.”

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Written by Lucille Chi

Lucy Chi loves good green design, ethical fashion, environmental art and education, renewables, holistic healing and more. She has been dedicating her energies toward finding and drawing attention to all the ways in which products, companies, and industries are moving toward creating a more sustainable world on the global scale, as well as the way individuals are moving toward living sustainably, and healing at the personal level.

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