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Amazing Health Benefits of Therapeutic Massage

Massage has many important health benefits as it reduces tension and anxiety, increases blood circulation and helps with pain. Massage greatly reduces stress, which leads to most major diseases. When it is integrated into your wellness routine, massage can help you maintain physical, mental and emotional well being. Learn to treat yourself once in a while, just like you do when you go out to dinner, and remember to tip.

Major health benefits of massage include:

  • Calms the nervous system and allows a sense of relaxation and well being to set in.
  • Massage reduces held tension in the body and eliminates anxiety.
  • It Improves blood circulation, and improves how oxygen and nutrients go to the cells, giving you enhanced immune function.
  • Massage stimulates the lymphatic system, which carries away the body’s waste products, this is essential to a healthy body.
  • Massage relieves and prevents muscles cramps and spasms, and is great for athletes who need to restore and heal and protect their bodies.
  • Therapeutic massage can also help eliminate pain and restore a sense of peace.

As a newly licensed and certified massage therapist, I can attest, the health improvements in my partner alone are proof. Learning massage, and integrating it into my wellness routine with yoga and outdoor walking, has changed our life together, for the better!

So what makes a massage above average? Including a soothing foot bath to start, perhaps? Using natural scents, preferably organic & biodynamic, creative body treatments are abound, all around the world in fact.

First set of massage images above via Gaia Spa and Osmosis respectively, and additional photos above via Nusta Spa.

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Written by Lucille Chi

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