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Amal Oils 100% Argan Oil, Amazing Multi-Use Product

By now I am sure you have heard of the many benefits of using argan oil.  It is deemed a multi-purpose, anti-aging, beauty wonder ingredient.  And I would have to agree – it is an amazing oil.

Recently, I sampled Amal Oils 100% Organic Argan Oil.  While some argan oil products also contain some not-so-natural synthetic ingredients (be sure to read those labels!) Amal Oils is just as the name says, pure argan oil.

Argan oil is a bit heavier than some oils (Jojoba, Kukui, Rosehip) but sinks right into skin, so no greasiness.  And skin is left so super smooth and soft.  Just amazing.

But my finicky skin has always had a slight problem with argan oil.  I am dry/sensitive and can usually tell right away if it does not love a certain ingredient or product.  I have tried other argan oil products in the past and always ended up with broken out skin.  Thinking this time may be different, I went ahead and applied the Amal Oils 100% Argan Oil under my regular moisturizer morning and night.  While I loved the way my skin felt, so hydrated and supple, after a couple of days a telltale zit or two cropped up.  Stopped using the oil and, yep, they cleared right up.  So wish I could put this oil on my face because it really does offer amazing anti-aging effects.

Well, I didn’t stay disappointed for long because argan oil is so multi-functional.  I made a habit of rubbing the oil into my Midwestern-winter parched hands and cuticles each night before bed.  My nails took a real shine to the oil and it really helps to keep skin soft and smooth.  This would also be a great remedy for dry, cracked feet.

Another thing I had always wanted to try was argan as a hair treatment.  A few years ago at my hair salon, my stylist used a product called Moroccan Oil in my hair that made it look so shiny and silky.  You are probably familiar with the Moroccan Oil products, they have been featured in many beauty magazines.  I asked her if I could see the bottle and, of course, it was laden with synthetic junk so I didn’t bother purchasing a bottle.  Plus it was like 40-some dollars.

I wonder if plain argan oil, sans all of the toxic load, would work as well.  Let me tell you, it does.  My hair is fine and can go limp if a hair product is too heavy.  A couple drops of argan on wet hair and locks look gorgeous.  If you are having a particularly flyaway day, smooth a drop or two into dry hair.  Love this!

Amal Oils 100% Organic Argan Oil also works well as a hair mask.  If you have dry hair, you simply have to try this.  Massage 12-15 drops into dry hair and allow to soak in for 15 minutes or longer.  Wash as usual.  Hair is soft, bouncy, and healthy.

Argan oil is also an effective body moisturizer.  Simply massage into clean skin and you are set.  At $35 per 2 oz bottle you have your skin, nail, body, and hair care in one.

This super hero of the beauty world is no new kid on the block.  Argan oil has a rich history with the Berber culture (the Berber woman in particular) of Morocco, and Amal Oils was created by Jalila Bouchareb, a Moroccan woman from the US. Jalila’s vision is to share this healthy beauty ingredient with the world, while supporting the Moroccan women who cultivate the oil.

My review of Amal Oils 100% Organic Argan Oil?  Two thumbs up to product, company, and founder.  Rumor has it they are busy creating new argan oil products.  I will let you know when I learn more.

Reader Discount:  Amal Oils is offering Feelgood Style readers a special discount — free shipping on all US orders through February 6th, 2011.  Just use coupon code FGSFS.

Written by Liz Thompson

I am an organic beauty expert, writer, and mom of two young environmentalists who can already spot a toxic product when they see one. Read more about me at Organic Beauty, and find me on , Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.


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