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All Natural Cosmetics: The Place To Get Eco-Friendly Make Up

I love my make up, I really do. I am a girlie girl when it comes to cosmetics. I love eyeliner, mascara, lipstick and of course my foundations and powders.

I’ve been greening my cosmetics one step at a time to test new products, see what works and what doesn’t freak my skin out. It is a journey. So far I’ve found the most fabulous lip balms and lipsticks. I even found a couple of mineral and organic foundations that I love but the perfect pressed powder has not been chosen yet.

However I have found an online store that has EVERYTHING. I can scroll through and search and find whatever I need in natural cosmetics and skincare at All Natural Cosmetics.

All Natural Cosmetics carries all the major name brands in eco cosmetics:  Lavera, Nvey Eco, Miessence, Earth’s Beauty, Real Purity, Lotus Moon, Aroma Bella and Wild Sage (and more). They have make up, skin care, hair care, body care, and even household and pet products. It’s a one stop shop for all things natural and organic.

Not sure what to buy or you are concerned that a color isn’t right for you? Order a sample for $1 or $2 and try it first then you’ll know if it works for you before buying the full size product and finding out it is the wrong color. I am trying out a couple different pressed powders to see which color is best for me.

They have samples of the Nvey Eco powder I am considering so I can try both shades before buying the full size compact. I am also eying the Real Purity pressed powder, the lightest color looks more my shade than many of the others. Plus it is a lot less expensive than the Nvey Eco.

The Nvey Eco is $42 while the Real Purity is $25.50, of course the Lavera is only $24.50. Hmmm. The Lavera and Real Purity both offer very light shades that look more like what I am used to. The Nvey Eco looks too dark and/or too yellow.

After much debate I sampled the Lavera and it is a good match.

I also sampled Real Purity. The Real Purity is a perfect color match and holds up to my oily skin. After hours of wear I don’t look shiny. Most other powders I look shiny after an hour. The Lavera doesn’t hold up quite as well as the Real Purity but it does hold up better than my mineral powder. I think my skin just works better with pressed powder than with loose.

I have not sampled the Nvey Eco yet. I think those samples will be next but I am already pretty sold on the Real Purity and plan to buy it in the full size compact.

I am still scanning the All Natural Cosmetics site to see if there is anything else I need right now. I see so much I want but my budget’s tight. I have to get the basics though since I am almost out. No cosmetics would be like walking around naked, can’t do that.

If you are in need of something new and natural check out All Natural Cosmetics, just plan to take your time since there’s a lot to look at.

Written by Wenona Napolitano

Wenona is married with three crazy kids that range in age from 4 to 18. She is a freelance writer, poet and the author of The Everything Green Wedding Book.

She enjoys reading, writing, crafting and gardening. She tries to do all of these as "greenly" as possible.

Her writing has appeared in several local and regional publications, Pack O Fun, Today's Creative Home Arts, and Indiana Living Green magazines as well as numerous online sites including,,, eHow, Associated Content, Suite101 and


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