A Smarter Approach

No matter what your personal sense of style or fashion preferences might be, I believe everyone can work toward a smarter wardrobe.

This is one reason I opened Pivot, a boutique devoted to organic and sustainable fashion in Chicago, last September. Prior to starting Pivot, I was working as a journalist with a fashion focus.

Through my research and reporting I discovered the developing and intriguing world of eco-fashion. I became fascinated with the fabrics and designers who were choosing to create collections that were not only beautiful, but also conscious of the environment. To me, this was simply smart. If you can have both fashion and regard for the earth, then why wouldn’t you?

So, while usually descriptors such as “green,” “eco-friendly,” or “earth-friendly” are used to refer to fabrics such as organic cotton, lyocell, peace silk or bamboo, I prefer to point out that they are just smarter alternatives.

I wanted to wear these fabrics, I wanted to support the designers and most importantly I wanted to share my excitement with others. I’ve always considered myself to be a “connector” of sorts. I love it when I can introduce someone to another person or resource that can help them.

After recognizing that Chicago was lacking an eco-boutique and a retail environment dedicated to promoting and growing the industry, I realized that opening a store would be the best way for me to share my enthusiasm and passion with the city. And that’s how I came to eat, breathe and sleep eco-fashion.

For the past seven months I have so enjoyed introducing customers to new materials, processes and the designers leading the way. Now I’m delighted to be part of Feelgood Style to continue advancing smarter fashion. I bring a very commercial and consumer-driven point of view to this blog, as every day I’m trying to find new lines that my customers will love, designs that will work for real lifestyles and bodies, and information on products that makes sense. I look forward to connecting you with smart, fashionable finds!

Written by Jessa Brinkmeyer

Jessa Brinkmeyer owns Pivot - Chicago's first boutique devoted to eco-fashion. Prior to opening Pivot in September 2007, Jessa worked as an associate editor at a Chicago-based magazine, covering fashion and general interest topics. She loves introducing people to new fabrics and designers at Pivot, while exchanging tips with her clients on ways to live an eco-conscious life.


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