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7 Fashion Inspired New Year’s Resolutions to Make You Fall in Love with Your Closet

7 Fashion Inspired New Year’s Resolutions to Make You Fall in Love with Your Closet

It’s the dawn of a new year and that means a time to renew, set goals and live like you mean it. But when it comes to New Year’s resolutions, how often does fashion appear on your list?

New Year’s resolutions are often focused around diet, health, maybe saving money or taking a big vacation. But when it comes to fashion, there are dozens of worthy New Year’s resolutions hiding in your closet, literally.

1. Clean Your Closet: It’s a healthy place to start the New Year: with a clean and functional closet. Still looking at your tank tops and shorts in January? Store them away for easier access to the clothes you’re actually wearing now. And get rid of the stuff that doesn’t fit. It’s fine to have some aspirational items if losing weight is a goal, but don’t fill your closet with stuff that’s not wearable now.

2. Shop Your Closet: Once it’s clean and gorgeous, start wearing everything in it. That means mixing and matching new outfit ideas. Wearing that funky sweater or pair of boots. Look to what you have first, before you buy more.

3. Be Bold: That doesn’t mean dressing like a deranged fluorescent lunatic, but it can mean wearing a strong statement necklace, scarf or hot pink top. Accessorize and accentuate your wardrobe just because you can.

4. Salvage Damages: While a wine-stained shirt might not have much room in your wardrobe any longer, it can make a fabulous rag for dusting, polishing boots, etc. And when it comes to rips and tears, missing buttons or broken zippers, don’t send your clothes to the reject pile. Many dry cleaners are home to tailors as well and some items can be easily repaired for just a few dollars.

5. Go Secondhand: Thrift stores aren’t just for low-income families or for trying to find that kitschy vintage item. If we all spent a little more time buying secondhand than we did on fast fashion, we’d be cutting greenhouse gases, keeping clothes out of landfills and saving oodles of cash.

6. Swap: What’s better than getting a bunch of friends together to swap their adorable clothes? Like shopping secondhand it’s way better for the planet. Not to mention, totally free and fun. If you haven’t been to a clothing swap yet, make it a resolution to go to at least one in 2015.

7. Give Animals a Break: If leather and wool are your go-to clothes for winter (or even fur!), why not look into some more sustainable and ethical options that are gentler on the planet and our furry friends? There are all kinds of gorgeous eco and animal-free fabrics and materials that look and feel just as great as animal products but without the guilt.

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Written by Jill Ettinger

is co-director of Eat Drink Better. She is the senior editor at and A focus on food, herbs, wellness and world cultural expressions, Jill explores what our shifting food, healing systems and creative landscapes will look, sound and taste like in the future. Stay in touch on Twitter @jillettinger and .

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