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50 Ways To Great Skin :: At Any Age


Internal beauty is just as critical as external. If you follow these guidelines you’ll notice a change externally as well as internally. Your skin will reflect how healthy your body is and will act more youthful, radiant, clear and hydrated.

21. Water! It’s generally considered that 8-10 glasses of water per day is a good amount to consume. The human body is approximately 70% water and needs a consistent supply to replenish what we lose throughout the day. Lack of hydration affects how the body is able to properly function and will lead to dry, dehydrated, dull looking skin.

22. Sweet Dreams. If you’re not sleeping properly or lacking sleep it’ll show in your skin. Dark circles, discoloration and puffiness are some of the symptoms you might experience. The skin rejuvenates and restores itself during this important rest time so make sure you get enough.

23. It doesn’t matter if your exercise kick is jogging, yoga, running around with the kids or ballroom dancing – whatever you’re into, make sure you get 30 minutes of some kind of exercise every day to promote healthy blood flow, oxygenate your system and generate a sense of vitality.

24. Keep stress levels to a minimum and find healthy ways to relieve yourself of any build up. Stress is the cause of so many health issues – the more you can avoid it, the healthier and happier you’ll be.

25. Don’t diet and instead maintain healthy eating habits. Eliminating refined and processed foods, trans fats, excess saturated fat, too much meat, and sugar will have a huge impact on how vibrant and healthy you feel – and how your skin looks.

26. Fresh fruit and vegetables are critical for maintaining overall health. With the exception of meat, if you must cook your food, steaming or grilling are two of the best methods to do this. Only cook your food as much as is necessary. Overcooking results in destroying the vital minerals, vitamins and nutrients.

27. Spend time in nature whenever you can. Nature has a beautiful way of restoring clarity, calm and focus.

28. Massage isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity. Regular massage is very important not just because it feels good, but any kind of physical or mental stress can cause muscle tension over time that if left unchecked, can cause all kinds of greater issues.

29. Smoking is one of the worst things you can do and the effects are widely documented. If you do smoke, your skin will not only suffer from lack of oxygen, it is bombarded with somewhere in the vicinity of 3,000 toxic chemicals every time you have one cigarette.

30. While the bioflavanoids contained in one or two glasses of red wine can be beneficial for health, an over-indulgence in any kind of alcohol can become a problem for you, and your skin. Everything in moderation!

31. There’s no question we lead busier lives than ever in this day and age and we don’t always have the option of eating the way we know we should. Supplementing your food intake with good quality vitamins & minerals will ensure you’re getting everything you need on a daily basis.

32. Make sure you include some kind of whole fiber in your diet to ‘flush’ out your system and help create healthy digestion.

Written by Emma Pezzack

Self-confessed organic glamazon, responsible hedonist, makeup mogul and all round lover of life. Current roles include:

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