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50 Ways To Great Skin :: At Any Age


Very important for so many reasons. A myraid of toxic chemicals still find their way into our beauty products and the skin absorbs everything we apply to it. The ingredients in organic & natural beauty producs are carefully cultivated, selected, processed and formulated which ensures optimum potency and  encourages healthy, balanced skin function.

11. Keep it clean. Throughout the day your skin accumulates all kinds of unwanted debris as well as going through its’ own cycle of renewal. It’s especially important to clean at the end of the day to remove all of that so skin is refreshed and can breathe. In the morning it’s a great way to freshen and prep skin for moisturizer and makeup.

12. Exfoliate. Don’t use a harsh scrub but do use an exfoliant that’s been specifically formulated for delicate facial skin. This will polish, refine, and help your skin glow as well as stimulate blood flow and cell turnover. The number of times you should use one depends on your skin type – refer to manufacturer instructions on what’s best for your skin.

13. Moisturize. Use a moisturizer that’s specifically formulated for your skin type. Moisturizers perform various functions such as preventing moisture loss (your skin loses a lot of moisture during the day without you realizing); creating a protective barrier while allowing skin to function normally; providing essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals vital to maintaining the structure, elasticity and youthful appearance of skin.

14. Take care of your body. Your entire body needs the same care and attention as your face. Wash daily, exfoliate and moisturize to keep your skin looking great and functioning properly. Remember that certain parts of your body may be prone to extra dryness so use a richer moisturizing cream for these areas.

15. Different skin types need different skin solutions. Make sure you assess your skin properly before selecting the skincare you use. Avoid harsh, drying formulations for oily skin – these will only serve to destabilize your skin’s balance creating more problems than you started with. Similarly, don’t go overboard with ultra rich creams for dry or dehydrated skin – these may over burden the skin with unnecessary hydration, also leading to problems.

16. Hands off! Keep hands away from your face. Hands are subject to a myriad of germs and bacteria throughout the course of the day. Wash them regularly or use a hand sanitizer and try not to touch your face so you’re not transferring those germs to your facial area. Particularly important for those who suffer from breakouts or have oil-prone skin.

17. Do not pick or squeeze no matter how tempting it is or how crazy it drives you! Squeezing can cause scarring of delicate facial tissue, broken capillaries, and unsightly healing. Also, the area underneath your nails is full of bacteria so you can create more infection than you started with.

18. Keep your hair clean – especially if you wear a style that falls on your face.

19. Use organic and/or natural foundation and wherever possible, use the lightest form of cover you feel works for you. You don’t have to use it all over – you can use it only in the areas that need it. Also, if your foundation is a little on the heavy side to try and cover certain areas, you can mix it with your moisturizer to form a light, tinted cover for elsewhere.

20. Don’t neglect your feet. Taking care of this part of your body not only feels good but your feet contain a multitude of reflexology points that are great for restoring a sense of balance, calm and well-being. Plus we rely hugely on our feet – they deserve a little TLC!

Written by Emma Pezzack

Self-confessed organic glamazon, responsible hedonist, makeup mogul and all round lover of life. Current roles include:

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