3 Natural Cold Remedies to Get You Through the Winter

3 Natural Cold Remedies to Get You Through the Winter

Try these natural cold remedies on for size when your runny nose gets the best of you and your family this season.

Cold season is upon us…and upon us…and upon us.  In my house, the colds just keep cycling on through, from me to my husband, from the two of us to our children, and back again.  Congestion, runny red noses, and sneezing are the sounds of the season.  BUT, I’ve got a few aces up my sleeve for use when that nasty cold rears its ugly head.  Take a peek at my natural cold remedy round-up below and keep yourself and your loved ones healthy this year.

3 Natural Cold Remedies

1) Feed your mind, body, and soul. Get the most important nutrients from the source: your food.  So, here’s the scoop on taking care of your body while you’re sick: you need more calories when you’re ill because your body must work harder to keep you tip-top.  That does not read: please order yourself a pizza.  Feed your body the best calories you can, which means immune-boosters (like the requisite Vitamin C, which is flavonoid-city) and hydrating foods in conjunction with lots of fluids (hot tea, broths, and fruits and veggies with a high water percentage).  Spicy foods are a tasty and warming way to relieve some congestion, or a cup of sage tea.  And don’t forget onions and garlic, two wonderful natural remedies for colds and flus.

While your feeding your body right, remember to take a break, both mentally and physically.  Wait a few days on your workout and don’t push yourself to go back to work or to take on quite as much around the house until your ready.  Lower your expectations for a few days to get yourself back to good.

2) Elderberry syrup shots. To give your system just a bit more oomph, make some immune-boosting homemade elderberry syrup.  Kids dig it and you will too.  Store in the refrigerator and give yourself a shot (or 12) every day for some extra support.

While you’re at it, take a peek at these other immune system-boosting tips to keep you at your best.

3) Herbs. Add astragalus and echinacea to soups and teas, and add turmeric and cayenne to anything and everything.  All four will help you feel your best (turmeric and cayenne also stimulate your immune system).

As with anything, of course prevention is the best medicine, so take care of yourself all year long to avoid those nasty winter illnesses.

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Written by Leah Gehlsen Morlan

lives and works in Iowa City, Iowa. She has a film degree from the University of Iowa, and her interests include: watching & writing about film, chasing her kids around, childbirth, healthy cooking & living, and DIY body & baby products. Find me on Google+.

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