• Tell Forever 21: Stop Stealing Designs!

    Design theft is nothing news. Brands like Urban Outfitters and Forever 21 have been accused many times of stealing designs from indie crafters and small brands. What’s different about this case of design theft is that the designers and community are speaking out! More

  • Eco Glasses, Eco Eyewear, and Recycled Glasses: 4 Truly Eco Eyewear Companies

    Consumers shopping for environmentally friendly eyewear should be wary of unsubstantiated claims by optical companies. Given the large amounts of water and energy necessary to produce and ship a pair of glasses, significant efforts are needed to make optics production sustainable. Eyewear companies selling “eco glasses” in a truly sustainable manner are far and few in between. Here are a few truly eco options. More

  • Introducing Willian by Designer Keia Bounds-Thompson

    Willian, a ready-to-wear women’s fashion business headquartered in New Jersey, utilizes a variety of natural and organic fabrics, often combined with vintage materials reworked into contemporary silhouettes. Designer Keia Bounds-Thompson, also proprietor, sought a a sustainable fabric consultant. With her sweatshop-free and eco-friendly vision, Keia and partner James Thompson embraced 100% certified organic with natural […] More

  • Yurt Living: Platform Design Options

    Do yurts have to be built on a platform? Well, the FAQ page from Shelter Designs in Montana makes a case. In summary, just do it! It’s best to have a flat surface so the kit will assemble correctly. Make your life easier, they say. Avoid mildew, and finally, ‒ be more climate efficient for […] More

  • Yurt Living – Creative Doorway Designs

    Like any building development, there’s a lot of back-and-forth. I mean it’s not a linear effort. Thus far I’ve covered yurt topics from getting started to climate and prices. However, design is always involved. Herein are some creative yurt doorway options. More

  • Custom Blue U Jeans for Men and Women :: Just Design the Fit and Send Your Measurements

    UJeans are made for you once you tell the company your exact measurements, plus the style and wash you like. The mass customization company uses green coloring techniques such as natural enzymes and minerals rather than harsh chemicals. The sourced cotton is sustainable and they explain their environmental commitments clearly stating that: UJeans is committed […] More

  • Going to the Chapel: Green Wedding Design

    It’s that time of year again: wedding season! Here are a few companies helping brides say eco-chic on their big day. Here are a few tips for going green while wearing white: The Rings: Make sure you choose conflict free diamonds and recycled gold bands if you aren’t inheriting a family ring. C5 Company, Todd […] More

  • Advice from Kim Nadel, Leading “Green” Interior Designer

    Green Design and Feng Shui on a Budget, and What’s Coming Next Recently I had a chance to ask a few questions of Kim Nadel, NCIDQ certified interior designer, LEED Accredited Professional, and co-founder of the Brooklyn-based NICHE environmentally smart design group. Kim is currently on the MFA faculty of the New York School of […] More

  • Dell’s Green Design Idea Contest

    Scary news: Electronic waste is growing at three times the rate of other household waste, and at a higher toxicity. With the rapid and widespread use of computers and electronic technology in the past thirty years, the impact of all the heavy metals (arsenic, mercury, cadmium, copper, lead, etc.), batteries, plastics, LCD and other screens, […] More

  • Natural Soap

    Whether you’re a bar soap kinda dude or a body wash kinda gal, we can all agree with one thing, soap is a necessity. With so many different soaps available in every shape, size, and scent, it can be difficult to find the one that is best for you and your skin. And the same […] More

  • soap bubbles

    Natural Body Wash

    If you’re like me, you try your best to be environmentally friendly in all facets of your life, personal care included. Opting for natural skin care products not only reduces the number of chemicals we’re introducing to our daily routines, but it helps support a toxin-free world, too! Whether you’re just getting started with natural […] More

  • Cruelty Free Mascara

    We’ve all been there: we find the perfect lipstick, eyeliner, highlighter or mascara after months of searching, just to find out the cold truth that the company tests on animals. I’ve even had the experience of thinking a company was cruelty-free, bought the mascara and brought it home, only to discover that they were indeed […] More

  • What is sustainable fashion?

    What does sustainable fashion really mean?

      Sustainable fashion can be qualified as such through a variety of different means; overall, it involves looking at the garment’s life cycle. Even then, it means different things to different people, since we all prioritize different facets of clothing manufacturing. The goal of sustainable fashion is to bring environmentalism and social responsibility into the […] More

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