One-Stop (Cruelty-Free) Shop: Cruelty-Cutter App Review

One-Stop (Cruelty-Free) Shop: Cruelty-Cutter App Review

The Beagle Freedom Project‘s Cruelty-Cutter app is a quick, easy resource to determine whether a potential beauty product is just not ethically for you.

It is important to me to purchase cruelty-free beauty products (and is one of the roots of my desire to make my own). But I must admit that I have occasionally found myself in a beauty-supply aisle comparing prices unexpectedly due to a sale or examining a different product out of pure curiosity.  Isn’t that frustrating?  How might I determine, right then and there, whether the product I’m considering has been tested on animals?  Well, I could whip out my phone and do a little online research while my toddler pitches toothbrushes at my head (which I would, of course, do, head wounds or no).  BUT, I could also effortlessly use the Cruelty-Cutter app.

The Cruelty-Cutter app, developed by the Beagle Freedom Project in partnership with Mobile Matters, allows you to scan the barcode on the product-in-question and almost immediately informs you as to the brand’s animal-testing practices.  If you’ve scanned an item whose mothership is not cruelty-free, you are given the opportunity to “BITE BACK” by posting the information to Facebook or Twitter and to explore a cruelty-free alternative.  If you’ve scanned an item made by a company with ethical practices, you may share the news via social media, add the item to a “Favorites” list, or continue on to the product’s Website.  If, by chance, you happen to scan a product which the app does not recognize, you may submit the product for review.  The product’s company will be contacted directly to determine the status of the product.

I tried the Cruelty-Cutter app out in a few different establishments, scanning everything from Dr. Bronner’s to good ol’ Herbal Essences, and it works like a charm.

The app costs a well-spent $2.99, and the proceeds go to the Beagle Freedom Project to help them relocate lab beagles to loving homes.  According to the Beagle Freedom Project, “Beagles are the most popular breed for lab use because of their friendly, docile, trusting, forgiving, people-pleasing personalities. The research industry says they adapt well to living in a cage, and are inexpensive to feed. Research beagles are usually obtained directly from commercial breeders who specifically breed dogs to sell to scientific institutions.”

Runway model Catherine McNeil has also recently partnered with the Beagle Freedom Project to promote the Cruelty-Cutter app, which will likely give the organization (and this fabulous app) some much-needed attention.

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  • Dianne Snater

    I use the Cruelty-Free app every time I shop. I pay a little more, however, I have found that I don’t have to use as much of a cruelty-free product as I did with the regular name brand items. Cost effective!

    • Shannon Keith

      That is great to know! Thanks for using the app!

  • Shannon Keith

    Thanks for the review about our app! We sincerely appreciate you taking the time to let everyone know about compassionate choices.

  • Cate McKeating

    This app is INCREDIBLY easy to use and it’s fun! I love to show people who shop close to me what I’m doing and encourage them to download it. Most people still have NO IDEA that their nail polish, shampoo and cleaning sprays are tested on animals. It makes me feel really good to pull out my phone, scan an item, and help them make a better choice.

  • Lorna Campbell

    I love using Cruelty Cutter in the supermarket. Once you get started scanning the barcodes of the items around your house, it’s hard to stop! It’s absolutely SHOCKING how many of our cosmetic and household products are tested on animals, even though it isn’t required. What a waste of those sweet, gentle dogs’ lives.
    Everyone should use Cruelty Cutter to shop smarter and teach those big companies that their outdated and cruel practices are unacceptable.

  • JSBeckham

    Corporations often don’t speak the language of ethics; they speak the language of finances. Purchasing only cruelty-free products is one of the easiest and most effective ways we can vote with our dollars and help stop cruel animal testing. Thank you to the Beagle Freedom Project for developing the Cruelty Cutter app, which empowers consumers to make humane decisions when they shop.

  • All I have to say is FINALLY! This is such a great app. Makes it easy!

  • masamax

    Totally agree with the author. $2.99 is well worth spending for this app. I used to hear, “I am sorry, we have no idea…,” from store managers all the time when I asked if products I wanted to buy were cruelty-free. Then I had to go home, check their websites, and often times emailed these companies to get the answer. Thanks to Cruelty Cutter, these old days are over! Weeeee!!

  • Gretchen Keller

    I thought I was doing pretty good with shopping ethically before, but I had no idea how many products were made by big companies that still test on animals!!! Now I’m making the switch and this app is sooooo helpful! Glad it’s available for my Android phone, too! Thanks

  • Kevin chase

    I love this app! As an adopter of a former “research” beagle cruelty free shopping is so important to me. This app makes it so easy!!

  • Mona V Dutch

    I use the Cruelty-Cutter App for everything from my make up to cleaning supplies. Scanning is so much fun and so is sharing the results. Many people just have no idea there are so many cruelty free alternatives and the App makes it very easy to determine which products are. There is absolutely no reason to buy products that are tested animals when there are so many Cruelty Free brands readily available at your local stores.

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