These Hormone Disruptors are More Harmful Than Parabens

These Hormone Disruptors are More Harmful Than Parabens

We’ve talked about parabens here again recently. Let’s continue the convo with a different, but somewhat related, harmful cosmetic ingredient. It’s called metalloestrogen and could be and even more toxic class of hormone disruptors than many estrogen mimicking ingredients we know to avoid.

Stephanie Greenwood is a true green beauty guru. Not only is she creator behind the fabulous clean brand Bubble & Bee, but really knows her cosmetic ingredients. I mean, like, really knows them. Stephanie’s Chemical of the Day is a goldmine resource for consumers and researchers looking for solid information. I use it all the time.

Last week Stephanie reported on metalloestrogen. This caught my attention because we’d just been on the subject of parabens. These two classes of chemicals are both hormone disruptors, though metlloestrogen is likely much more toxic than parabens, or even phthalates and phenoxyethanol.

As the name suggests, metalloestrogens are metals that act as estrogen in the body.The difference between the estrogen-related results of parabens versus metalloestrogens is how they are expelled by the body. Most importantly, how quickly. Parabens are flushed from the body via urine, so they’re expelled relatively quickly. Hormone disruptors are not something you want in there in the first place, but at least they aren’t around long. Metalloestrogens, because they are metals, hang around much longer. Sometimes staying in the body for up to 30 years!

While our bodies actually need certain metals, levels can become too high due to use of products that contain them. Some are known carcinogens, others block hormone receptors, leading to disease.

Head on over to Chemical of the Day to read up on the different types of metals and their effects on the system. We will definitely be adding these hormone disruptors to our list of Ingredients to Avoid.

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