Would You? Switch to a Plant Based Diet


How is your spring going so far?  Admittedly, it doesn’t seem much like spring yet, but feels like it is just around the corner.

Every year when March hits, I get the urge to get my bod beach-ready.  This is not an urge like “Oh I just can’t wait to up my workouts!”, but more of a “Omg, summer is right around the corner and my stomach looks like this!” sense of urgency.

We were on spring break last week, which meant lots of eating out and not exercising.  It was a great time but I sure can feel it, a lot of sitting around and one big ol’ headache later.  They (they being those who practice a holistic lifestyle) say that whenever you feel pain or less-than-great it is the chance to become aware of what is causing the pain and fix it.  Awareness can do powerful things.  My awareness told me that the junk food, sugar, and excessive caffeine must go.

We’ve talked about Forks Over Knives and ran a vegan challenge here on FGS.  Did you take the challenge?  Watched Forks Over Knives or the award winning Food, Inc.?

I love the phrase in Food, Inc. about voting with your dollars, what you purchase says you want more of that item.  Buy healthy organic foods, that is a vote for organic.  Buying processed junk food is a vote for more junk.  I’m the first to admit, we buy and eat some junk, but try to eat heathfully as much as possible.  And I get a wake up call occasionally (usually in the form of a headache) that reminds me to knock off the junk.

My latest read on the subject of healthy eating is The Food Revolution by John Robins.  Have you read it?

What is your stance on plant based diet?  Do you eat a vegetarian diet now?  Sometimes?  Would you never consider it?  Let us know!

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  • Eating a plant-based diet is achievable for everyone; this doesn’t mean that you need to permanently give up your steak for tofu, but it means incorporating more plant foods into our diets. I usually recommend trying to incorporate more veggies into one’s regular meals (ie: adding greens to pasta, trying to add some new vegetables to stir fries or wraps, maybe even experimenting with green juices or smoothies?). There are so many delicious and easy ways to add veggies- whether you have animal products in your meal or not. BEST of all, the more good stuff we add IN, the more good stuff we crave, setting up a good cycle of healthy cravings! Who’s ready for their green juice…? xo, andrea

  • Andrea, thanks for the great advice on incorporating more veg into the diet. Ive been trying to eat fruit or veg first, then on with the rest of the mesl. Also, if i have veggies and dip ready when my kids get home from school they will eat it! Otherwise they go straight for the crackkers…