Would You? Go Bare Faced

Some women do it all the time. Others only at home.  Many, never.

Going without makeup.  Do you or don’t you?  I usually don’t go a day without at least concealer and brown eyeliner.  It adds just enough polish to make me feel presentable, and it takes a whole 30 seconds to apply.  No biggie.  For a day when I am going out or want to look nice, I’ll add blusher and mascara.  Going out at night?  Time to break out the works; luminzer, eyeshadow, lip color.  I love make up, playing with it and mixing it up.

But today I felt like going bare.

Part of it was the facial mask I used after showering.  My skin was so bright and perky and glowing on its own, I just hated to cover it up.  Even though clean makeup is not bad for skin, it just felt really good to leave my face bare.  And I wasn’t leaving the house.  I even slathered on a little extra moisturizer for good measure.

Going out in public bare faced?  Many women shudder at the thought.  Would you go bare faced?  Do you go bare regularly?  Occasionally?  Never?  We’ d love to know…

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  • I’ll go out in public without makeup on the weekends for my coffee! I especially don’t mind not wearing makeup in the summer when I have a nice tan going. But generally to work etc. I’ll wear it or I feel naked! Sometimes it feels like a burden but other times I actually enjoy the art of it and it can be fun.

  • I love going makeup-free! At work, though, I always wear at least a little mascara and blush to look a little more put-together. Weekends I spend with only moisturizer and SPF on my face 🙂

  • I do it every day! There was a point in my pregnancy when my skin was a mess and I was tempted to wear some powder, but I powered through. 🙂 Yay for going bare!

  • My mum has a thing for make-up – we’re a naturally blonde family; my mum thinks blonde equals bland, which means you have to draw your face on.

    Any time I looked a little washed out – and I’m talking from 3 here – she’d get the blusher out. Once she apologised to a friend we met in the street for my not wearing enough make-up, like I was committing a public offense. The friend said I was pretty the way I was.

    Equally one of my boyfriends happened to see my mother make-up-less and he was gob-smacked – “Your mum is really pretty under there,” he said.

    But I never leave the house without mineral powder, mascara and some sort of lip wear. On the one hand I think make-up is fun and well clothes are kinda fake too, so what’s the big deal. On the other hand I’m not brave enough to bare it because I’m paranoid I’m too pasty!

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