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Published on March 12th, 2014 | by Bonnie Getchell


DIY Decor: 10 Ways to Update a Lampshade!

DIY Decor: 10 Ways to Update a Lampshade!

DIY decor doesn’t mean you have to create a new decor piece! Take the pieces you already have and give them a makeover. Updating a lampshade is just one way you can take your existing decor from boring to beautiful!

I adore buying lamps and other lighting pieces from thrift stores and garage sales! Some would even say I might have a lamp problem. The thing is, it’s so easy to update and redo a lamp, and it makes a huge impact in your space! Sometimes, though, the only part that needs updating is the lampshade. If your lampshade needs a lot of love, here are 10 creative and unique ways that you can update it:

1. Cover it with a sweater! Yes, a sweater! Unskinny Boppy updated one of her lampshades with a pom pom sweater that she found at a thrift store. The sweater has tons of texture and the pom poms are so fun, too!

2. Write on it! A Little Glass Box decorated a boring lampshade with a black permanent marker and heartfelt words. I love the way it’s imperfect and meaningful. Jade and Fern also wrote on their lampshade with a whimsical pattern that is so adorable!

3. Remove the fabric sections from your lampshade and simply add twine! The twine adds a modern flair and when the lamp is on, it casts a super cool shadow!

4. Spray paint your lampshade for the perfect pop of color! Daisy Mae Belle did just that to update a lamp in her daughter’s room. Spray paint isn’t the greenest crafting supply, so opt for low VOC spray paint if you can.

5. Cover your lampshade with a bold fabric like Jessica from How About Orange. It totally changed the look of her lamps, and it was a quick and easy makeover!

6. Give your lampshade some bling with ribbon trim or, if you’re feeling adventurous, try this ribbon lampshade redo from Goodsmiths. She weaves two different ribbons together to make a fabulous lampshade! Try to use organic ribbon, if possible!

7. Add lace! You can completely remove the fabric from the lampshade and put lace on the frame, or you can simply wrap the lampshade with lace. I love how the lace gives the lighting a vintage and feminine look to an otherwise modern piece.

8. Turn leggings into an awesome and funky lampshade with this tutorial from Mandy at Vintage Revivals. Can you imagine all of the colorful possibilities? Don’t forget, though, that conventional leggings are not very eco-friendly, so try to go with organic leggings from Print Farm Apparel or these printed organic leggings.

9. Add recycled paper! Attach a vintage map, beautiful sheet music, or book pages to a boring lampshade for a unique and character-filled look. You could glue the pages of a children’s book to the shade as well!

10. Hot glue vintage buttons onto your lampshade! You can add buttons to the edge of your lampshade like A Serenade for Solitude, or all over like Everything Laura. If you don’t have any vintage buttons on hand, try making your own buttons from recycled materials!

Which lampshade project do you want to try first?

[Photo credit: Table lamp via Shutterstock]

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  • Mary Gerush

    Bonnie – thanks for the post! I had to share another trick. I ended up with a huge assortment of clip-on earrings that used to be my grandmother’s. I mixed ’em up and clipped them to the bottom of an old lampshade making it interesting and nostalgic all at the same time. I’m guessing you could find old clip-on earrings from a number of resources…? Take care!

    • Bonnie Getchell

      Oh what a fantastic idea, Mary! I see clip on earrings all the time at thrift stores! I’ll have to try that once I collect a few :)

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