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Published on October 2nd, 2013 | by Bonnie Getchell


DIY Home: Create a No-Sew Silverware Holder

DIY Home: Create a No-Sew Silverware Holder

Hosting a dinner party? Wow your guests with burlap no-sew silverware holders!

What You Will Need:

1. Burlap or another eco-friendly fabric. I used the burlap I had left over from my eco-friendly acorn wreath.

2. Hot glue/hot glue gun

3. Scissors

4. Items to decorate your silverware holder– vintage buttons, a handmade paper flower, etc.

How To Do It:

1. Wash your burlap. This is an optional step, but I recommend it especially because the burlap will “shed” on your dining room table like crazy. Unfortunately for me, I found out the hard way. Next time, I will use this fabulous tutorial from Ella Claire on how to wash and cut burlap.

2. Cut your burlap to the size of a rectangle. Essentially, you will be folding your burlap into a burrito-type shape, so keep that in mind as you determine the size of the rectangle. Please read all of the instructions before you cut your burlap.

DIY Home: Create a No-Sew Silverware Holder

3. Fold one side over, and then the other (like you would fold a letter). Then, fold the bottom and hot glue it like so:

DIY Home: Create a No-Sew Silverware Holder

4. Turn it inside out– that way you won’t be able to see the folded seam at the bottom. You should have something like this now:

DIY Home: Create a No-Sew Silverware Holder

See how it kind of resembles a burrito?

5. Fold down the top of the burlap. I folded mine down about an inch. Then, on the back, glue the two folded sides together. It should now look like this:

DIY Home: Create a No-Sew Silverware Holder


6. Now it’s time to decorate your burlap silverware holder! I wanted to keep mine simple, so I hot glued three vintage buttons to the front.

DIY Home: Create a No-Sew Silverware Holder

Add a reusable napkin and some pretty silverware, and you’re ready to go! The orange button makes it feel “fall-ish,” right? You could use your silverware holder daily, or create several of them for¬†eco-friendly Thanksgiving decorations. You could even personalize them with each guests’ name on the front, and then give it to the guest as a gift.

How would you decorate yours and what occasion would you use them for? Share your ideas with us!



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